Agarwood incense #SS

130.000 VNĐ
Non-bamboo Agarwood incense #SS has a gentle sweet scent. With 100% pure agarwood, it brings peaceful and calming fragrance, for your gently elegant style of family.


Product name: Non-bamboo Agarwood Incense #SS ( Plastic tube)
Product code: Incense #SS
Ingredients: Pure Agarwood powder, Litsea glutinosa
Product size: Length 20cm- Thickness 1.4mm
Weight & Qty:  20g- About 90-95 sticks
Burning duration:    25-30 mins
Description: Gently sweet, calming, grounding clarity
Use for: Very suitable for creating a relaxing atmosphere for any space



Expand your mind and cleanse your soul with our 100% Vietnam natural agarwood incenses.

The tender and sweet scent of Agarwood is perfect for meditation or spiritual activities. With a earthy oud scent, the Agarwood smoke carries great spiritual significance, and is used in many cultures for evoking enlightenment, clarity, and balance.

It is used with the incense holder or incense box.


Non-bamboo agarwood incense stick is made from pure Vietnamese agarwood. Incense stick is 20cm long, each can burn for about 25-30 minutes.

❤Pure materials and safe for health

Products made from natural materials, no chemicals or artificial fragrance added, safe for health.

✌Use the venue

very suitable for creating a relaxing atmosphere for any space such as meditation rooms, yoga rooms, spas, reading rooms, tea houses, temples, churches, homes and offices.

❤Efficacy and storage

combustion incense stick can repel odors, purify the air, relieve stress and aid sleep. Inscents sticks cover the box are stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture.

☎After-sales service

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