Agarwood powder #1460 ( PE bag)

Agarwood powder #1460 ( PE bag)

Tutam Agarwood powder are selected with high grade and premium quality from pure agarwood . This is ideal for using directly when some people considered it as a way of aromatherapy, best for relaxation, meditation, yoga, eliminate bad odor or smell and increase amazing scent for the household.


Product name: Agarwood powder #1460 ( PE bag)
Product code: Agarwood powder#1460 ( Grade good)
Ingredients: Pure Agarwood powder 100%
Color Brown, soft powder
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How to use   
Description: Warmly sweet scent, calming
Use for: Very suitable for creating a relaxing atmosphere for any space


This agarwood powder #1460 is grinded from the pure agarwood, which has been collected from over 8-year old aquilaria crassna trees… No fragrance is added to strengthen the scent of the wood, so the smell is natural and good. When you burn it,you will feel a warm, earthy aroma of pure agarwood.

The warmly sweet scent of Agarwood is perfect for meditation or spiritual activities. With a faint oud scent, it brings a sense of freedom, especially warm agarwood reduces stress, improves sleep, brings mentally healthier.

✔Agarwood for making incense

We can use this agarwood powder to make incense which you can see the incense quality by this link:

❤Pure materials and safe for health

Products made from natural materials, no chemicals or artificial fragrance added, safe for health.

✌Use the venue

very suitable for creating a relaxing atmosphere for any space such as meditation rooms, yoga rooms, spas, reading rooms, tea houses, temples, churches, homes and offices.

❤Efficacy and storage

This agarwood powder is packed in a PE bag, please pack it well after use

☎Sales service

We can offer with even small bottle as well as 10-100 Kgs for your order, shipment by DHL/ FedEx.